The Crow’s Message

These high school poems never fail to provide insightful messages as soon as it turns up in my mind each time.

The Dead Crow by A. Samad Said uses clear-cut phrasing in disclosing the critical air pollutions. Can you imagine a tough bird like Crow lying deadly in the drain? It reflects how severe our environmental pollutions have gone to?

I suppose most of us recognize the change of environment in comparing with the past 10 years. In terms of temperature (the most obvious indication), air/water quality, natural disaster that draws away thousands of lives.. etc

The earth shall be blessed with lush rainforests. I am glad to see more and more individuals are committing themselves in environmental initiatives. Unfortunately, the velocity of damages is way faster.

We are ultimately borrowing Mother Earth from the future generation. They have the right to acquire a healthy Earth the moment we “pass on” to them. Think about our kids, they don’t deserve to suffer from the consequences we have done.

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