When was The LAST Time You Care

When was the last time you expressed the gratitude to someone you love or care about? It could be human desire to yearn for more instead of pressing out the gratefulness.

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

I found the phrase is extremely prevailing and I hope it enlightens you like how it did to me!

Appreciation be able to create *miracles* in our lives. Agreee?! As the world is moving fast forward, we rarely have the spare time to cater the people around us; these have made the force of appreciation even dazzling.

Life is fragile as we all know. And we were on the journey traveling to the end of our lives each day.  How many days do we left to state the unsaid thankfulness to the one we concerned;  how many days do we have to hold the hand tightly of someone we love and say “Thank you.”; how many days do we have to really look into our parents eyes, notice their wrinkles which reflect they are getting older.

If we were to die today, would you be regretted? On words that being unspoken, action that being untaken. The individual forever will never discover his living has made an “impact” on you. This could have been an honor for him!  Spread the Love, Concern to people around you today (especially your family). Your care could reach to someone on the right time which possibly became a pleasant support.

Change doesn’t need to always be impressive. A modest support could result an affirmative change for certain individual. And we were talking about “life-time” changes here, where you have successfully impact someone’s life.

 Now, ring a call to whom may you be concerned, inform them on how much you have been cared, how much they have been loved. Remember, they deserve every single words from you .. =)  

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2 thoughts on “When was The LAST Time You Care

  1. bublibeauty on said:

    Very interesting . Its very important to show you care . It made me bit emotional .

  2. Thanks for the comment =)

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