Are you ready to rock your career ?

Dear Undergraduates,

Have you prepared to step into Corporate World? A world consists of a diverse of human capital, a world where you need a firm amour to fight against great people within the organization to appeal from the crowd. Being in a complexity of organizational culture where strict rules and regulations take place, are you prepare to “perform on stage” (to manage or to be managed)?

Issues to be encountered:

What is inside you that make you special?

There was a “door” where the people on the other side, you have to step out and show them “who you are”. If you didn’t know who you were, you had a problem.

What is your direction?

Be clear on your direction. It determines your attitude on work. If you didn’t know your direction, you were lost. (Meaning working for the sake of working?)

 What can you offer?

What can you offer to the company often has greater priority than what the company can offer you. “Sell yourself” by knowing clearly your own value, because value determines how you will be upheld.

To manage or to be managed?

Who prefer to be managed? Our desire was to manage for most of the time. However, the fact is that, if we ever failed to discipline ourselves to be managed by people, how are we going to manage the others? 

Your “cubical space”

Do you feel comfortable to work within a cubical space for hours, days or even years? Or do you prefer a more flexible working environment that involves greater mobility?

 Routine basis or Project basis?

Do you intend to work for routine basis (the same old tasks each day)? Or more challenging Project based duty, where you have different projects going on throughout the certain period of time.

 Well, you are responsible for your career. Like a business investment, what do you want it to happen, how do you want to be known. We are encouraged to explore while we are still able. You can choose to stay in your comfort zone, become a leader or even an expert, you could have Good career. But, Great career is about mobility (movements).

Thanks for reading ..  =)

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