5 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Blog Header! Give it a go! Beauty, Blog Tweaks

DIY take two!

I might have repelled most of you  let alone gave you unnecessary headache, because of the DIY post I published at three o’clock this morning. For that, I sincerely apologise. I might have gotten carried away for making it so overly beginners-friendly like post and have
covered even the minute detail of things you might have already known about blog-header making. So after much deliberation, I decided to revise it and make it shorter, ok? 

(If you want to check out the longer version – has more step by step guide in it, please feel free to do so – here.)


So you want to customize your header, without having to deal with any layering and other mind boggling graphic and designs whatchamacallit?  This might be the answer for you.

Note: Click images or screenshots for better viewing.

Here’s what you ned:

  • Make sure you have your…

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  1. Hi Cathryn! Thanks for reblogging. 🙂 I like your banner by the way.

  2. NIce stuffs are worth to be shared 😀

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