A Package You can Eat

Tonnes and tonnes of plastics been dumped each year and these environmental unfriendly items had seriously polluted our natural environment, as it leads to years of decomposition.

However, a remarkable expert from Harvard, Professor David Edwards combines the logic of science with the creativity of art to develop technological advancement. Leading the innovation of food package by enabling eating and drinking without plastics !  It is a safe and ecologically sustainable way to carry food as Nature does, without harming the environment. This is definitely a fresh discovery, and indeed an extraordinary invention !

Meet Harvard Professor David Edwards, the inventor of WikiCell. And here how it works :

WikiCells are food and drink enclosed inside edible soft skins, that are made of food particles and held together by nutritive ions, so that users can eat the entire packaging (like grapes)—as an effort to reduce pollution accumulated from packaging of food.

At first Edwards worked with yogurts and mousses. But now, he has produced WikiCocktail—Cointreau suspended in skin made from orange zest—and Wiki IceCream, a high-end dessert of cream contained in a bagasse container made from sugarcane.

According to the company, users can wash the entire thing, hold it in their hands, eat it like an apple, poke it with a straw or drink it like a shake.

A fun new form of Packaging :

What a fun and creative way to help cut down on global waste !!  =D

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