10 Stirring Quotes from Li Ka Shing

Li Ka Shing — A Wealthy Businessman, the richest person of East Asian descent in the world is sharing his lifetime stirring philosophy !


One shall not become a slave of his emotion;

shall not allow the emotion to take control of the whole actions, instead one shall take control of the emotion.






Life is like a marathon, victory is not the key of instant outbreak instead it’s the persistence a long the way.

You ought to find a reason to endure although provided thousand of reasons to quit.

Often times, victory is about perseverance for another minute, if one never give up , one shall obtain the hope for the next minute.

However, we have no idea when would the minute occur.

Therefore, despite bitter or sweet; as long as one decided to carry on, the scene of victory would eventually appear.


We could recognize one’s heart and future achievement through the matter of his annoyance.


A successful one able to unleash his maximum value; understanding oneself, knowing what to put forth is the key of success.

The greatest tragedy in life is not being cheated by someone else but to deceive oneself.

The saddest occurrence would be someone did deceived himself for a lifetime yet unaware of it.


The moment you achieve a lil better than the others, others will Jealous about you.

The moment you achieve far more better than the others, others will Envy about you.


Beware of your thoughts, they will turn out to be your language; Beware of your language, they will turn out to be your actions;

Beware of your actions, they will turn out to be your habit; Beware of your habit, they will turn out to be your attitude;

Beware of your attitude, they will turn out to be your fortune.


We have two ways to travel, one of the ways be obliged to travel, the other would be one’s intention to travel,

One has to travel the way ought to travel with glory, only then proceed to the road be apt to travel.


Always remember, if one did not failed, one can’t be successful, if one never experience constant failure, or major blown, successful by no means a firm one.


Trust is like a sheet of paper, once it’s fold, will never recover as it is.


Do not make an attempt to undergo the sense of security when we are young,   surroundings will never have absolute security, it could possess hidden crisis though we are feeling secure in a way. True security comes from self-confidence, each and every milestones you have achieved, realization of goals in your life. However, the true sense of belonging within the control of your own destiny, because the biggest rival is always in You, yourself.

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