Architecture of Participation

Where do remarkable idea comes from ?  The conventional answer is Big Idea comes from Big Thinker : inspired founder, visionary CEOs. Business record is enriched with creditable breakthrough of individual’s determination and distinctive imagination. For instance, Bill Gates, one of the richest man in the world, accounted as the great business genius of all time, offer a perfect image of lonely leader’s guide to innovation. However, due to the constantly changes happen in business environment, where competitors become so numerous, markets become so unpredictable, technology evolve swiftly, problems become so volatile, that no individual – Not even Bill Gates can think of anything, it becomes necessary to invent a new model of invention, to create a brand new set of ideas.

Therefore, one of the defining responsibilities of 21st century leader is to attract the best ideas from most people, wherever those people might be.

Why settle for being the smartest guy in the room when it’s so clear, in so many different settings, that nobody is as smart as everybody?

It’s necessary for an entrepreneur or executive to turn up with creative ideas and point of view to shape the future of the business, but that doesn’t mean one has to do it alone. In an era in which great ideas generate from anyone, anywhere around the world, the best leader have a crisp to answer the question: Is the company attractive enough to draw the attention from Best People?  Indeed, perhaps the most powerful indicator of a company’s future share of the product market in its industry is its current position in the talent market for that industry.

Collaboration among individuals produce extraordinary  breakthrough. It turns out fueled by the spirit of competition – a spirit that comes naturally to business setting of all kindsTo construct a healthy competition, design a competition arena to facilitate interaction and education, improve the skills of the individuals, instead of struggling to determine who will be receiving the crown of ” the best participants ” .

To make the organization as competitive as possible, maximize the opportunities to collaborate with as many smart people as possible.  To maximize the effectiveness of collaboration, despite encouraging individuals to compete with each other — learn from one another in the process. To maximize what the individuals learn from the process, minimize the natural leadership instinct to control what happens among the participants.

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